After rapid urbanisation, an increase in disposable income, and diversion in the middle-class lifestyles have led to a significant revolution in retail shopping malls. The Orion mall, Gorakhpur is the best place to have fun and experience gaming, explore fashion, etc.  It has gained popularity as a family entertainment center and a hangout place.  By covering the area of 2 million square feet, Orion mall, Gorakhpur became the biggest shopping mall which consists of all the ways through which the person of all ages can hang out and enjoy quality time with their loved ones.


From smartphones to a needle, household to stationery, clothing to games, restaurants to kitchen utensils, each and everything is available under the one umbrella i.e. in the Orion mall. All these items in Orion mall, Gorakhpur have different dedicated zones.

Gaming zone

Gaming zones in malls have become a favourite hangout for kids who want to have fun outside – The new attractions are video games, an arcade, bowling alleys, air shooting, pools, play areas, and adventure rides for youngsters are available at Orion mall, Gorakhpur. The children with their parents and youngsters with their friends visit Orion mall for an excellent outing from their regular busy, hectic, and stressful schedule.

Fashion zone

Men and women of any age group are having fashion cells in their nerves. Even the kids are choosier about what they are going to wear and how they look, etc. The Orion shopping mall is having the solution to all the questions regarding fashion. Orion mall has vast men’s outlet of global brand t-shirts, shirts, shoes, blazers, jeans, pants, wallets, goggles, etc. By visiting the Orion mall, Gorakhpur one can have all the trendy and branded fashion wear collections for their wardrobe. The excuse every woman have that, “I DON’T HAVE CLOTHES, SO WHAT CAN I WEAR”, the Orion mall, Gorakhpur has stylish and trendy fashion were which can give the wardrobe a much-awaited makeover. Orion Mall, Gorakhpur has the best collection of Fashionable clothes, Handbags, Accessories, footwear, and also ethnic wear, etc.

Restaurant: Cure of hunger

Food court and restaurant at Orion mall, Gorakhpur brings delicious, mouth-watering, and hygienic Indian Food. For satisfying the craving and hunger, one must have to visit the food court of Orion mall which is having various options of fast food such as, Domino’s KFC, Burger King, etc, Chinese restaurant, NI HAO is the famous food court for delicious Chinese dining, for rolls & kababs, Orion food Court is having Kathi Nation, the London Shakes gives the solution for beverages, etc.


Orian mall has a different and diverse collection of luxury multinational brands. Orion mall, Gorakhpur has the best mobile manufacturer’s store, i.e., an Apple Phone Store.


Anyone can get a thrilling experience from the moment they enter through the doors of Orion mall, Gorakhpur, and get an amazing vibe of sounds and scents. The mall has a global brand dealing with comfort foot ware in CROCS.


Orion mall, Gorakhpur is an astonishing entertainment destination proposing an international blend of shopping-food entertainment, a formidable home of multiple famous brands. Because of Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, the people have started comparing local to international with the uninterrupted shopping experience, with nice cafeteria and entertainment zones by availing world’s best quality in their hometown.