The rainy season has begun, and with it comes a gorgeous aura, good emotions, and unique happiness. Understanding how to layer is the season’s golden rule. The nice thing about layering is that you can adapt your wardrobe to the weather, depending on how hot, cool, or wet it is. Orion Mall, Gorakhpur’s biggest mall is here to help with convenience and comfort tips. Join the sporty athleisure trend with a pair of denim joggers. Denim shorts and chinos are ideal to avoid dirt stains and rain splatters. Wear colorful chinos and patterned shorts and tees to provide a splash of color to the drab days.


a. Type of clothes: T-shirts and tanks are a terrific way to add graphics to your collection while looking smart. Embrace the Nautica style by wearing printed anchors, and sails. Wondering where you will get it? The best shopping mall in Gorakhpur has it all! Invest in a set of air dehumidifiers for your wardrobe to ensure that your clothing withstands the humid climate. Avoid washing your denim frequently because drying is ineffective and causes the fibers to weaken. The key is to choose rain-proof clothing and accessories.


b. Choosing the correct fabric: During the monsoons, it is nearly difficult to avoid being drenched in a sudden deluge, therefore choosing the right fabric is critical. Fabrics like chiffons, polyesters, and cotton are not only comfy and light, but they also dry quickly, making them ideal for the rainy season. Almost all the Brands in Orion mall keep the range during the monsoon. Avoid Wool and silk since they take longer to dry and are more likely to be ruined by dampness. Shorts, skirts, and outfits with a short hem are appropriate. Denim is a durable and weather-resistant fabric, and a pair of well-made jeans can be your stylish partner when it rains.


c. Choose a jazzy flash of colour: Monsoon blues are real, bright colours are essential to combat the gloomy weather. Colours such as orange, canary yellow, neon green, and fuchsia pink can make a strong fashion statement. If bright colours aren’t your thing, stick to solid dark colours. A pair of colourful socks can liven up your ensemble. The best shopping mall in Gorakhpur is loaded with colours. Avoid Whites at all costs since stains show up quite clearly. For a dressier style, fold your denim a few notches and pair them with a t-shirt.


d. Correct footwear: Choosing the wrong footwear might make things worse during the monsoon, as commuting can be difficult enough. Don’t wear leather, suede, and velvet shoes since rains can ruin them if they come into touch with water. Instead, opt for attractive and non-slippery rubber footwear such as flip-flops, plastic footwear, jelly shoes, and crocs. Different international Brands in Orion mall offer you a wide choice of footwear. Always wear socks: Although it is best to avoid closed footwear during the monsoon, most of us do not have the freedom to do so at work. If you are planning to wear closed shoes during the monsoon, make sure you have waterproof socks on. It will protect your feet from bacterial illness and keep them dry.

e. A cool backpack: During the monsoon, you may wish to avoid carrying your phone and wallet without any protection. All brands of waterproof backpacks are available at the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur.


Rainy season can be tricky to dress for because rainfall can be patchy and muddy at the same time. While the dark days are staying, add some brightness to your wardrobe by styling it with the brands in Orion mall. Make a fashion statement, yell at your friends, and take a road trip to the nearby hills to breathe in the fresh, crisp air.