Orion Mall is the top shopping and entertainment destination in Gorakhpur, a city that is constantly growing and embracing new things. Spread out over an area of more than 2,000 square feet and ideally situated in Mohaddipur, close to the Radisson Blu., Orion Mall is the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur. With food courts, restaurants for fine dining, and more than 40 national and international brands, it is a fantastic shopping spot and the ideal hangout for people of all ages.

Reasons that make Orion Mall, the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur

Presence of Several brands 

A formidable home to numerous well-known brands, Orion Mall is a remarkable shopping center. It in-houses both domestic and foreign brands that make your shopping experience seamless. The popular one-stop shop where you can get everything you need is the Mall, which is situated in the center of this energetic city. 

The brands at Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, include everything from clothing, footwear, and accessories to electronic devices and grocery and personal needs. You can style yourself with clothing, footwear, and accessories from this shopping center. Here, you have brands such as Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Aurelia, UCB, Color Plus, Mufti, Peter England, Manish Creations, Pepe Jeans, Biba, Ruff, Max Fashion, Crocs, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Titan, Apple, Miniso, and more.

Food court

The food court at Orion Mall offers a variety of scrumptious and hygienic fine dining options, including mouth-watering Indian cuisine and a wide selection of delectable beverages. You and your family can enjoy some upscale dining options at the restaurants in the Orion Mall in Gorakhpur.  

It has national and international food chain restaurants that are capable of taking your taste buds on an adventure. Here, you can enjoy the best fast food from KFC, Burger King, Dominos, Merky Momos, Subway, etc. Visit the mall and taste the incredible South Indian dishes from Chat Ka Chaska and the Dosa Plaza and Mughlai dishes from Naushijaan Lazzat-E-Lucknow. In addition to taste, get an amazing playful experience at Turquoise, Turkish Ice Cream, now at Orion Mall, Gorakhpur.

You can try a variety of drinks, shakes, and coffee at Devil Drinks and London Shakes in the food court at Orion Mall.


The best shopping mall in Gorakhpur is a one-stop entertainment place with a great number of entertainment options. Besides shopping and eating, you can also watch the latest movies at the 4-screen multiplex theatre, Inox. Additionally, it has a world-class gaming zone named Fun Unlimited. It offers various gaming and fun activities for both kids and adults. Children who love Legos and other toys can have a blast in the gaming area. It opens new doors to entertainment for the people of Gorakhpur.


An upscale shopping center portrays economic stability and wealth better than any other building. Orion Mall in Gorakhpur is a recent addition to a project that is expected to have a big impact on the infrastructure. Safety and security are given top priority. Orion Mall has hassle-free, highly automated parking, 24-hour high-tech security, and CCTV surveillance in all crucial areas for your convenience. Additionally installed are high-speed escalators and lifts for an exceptional shopping experience.


Orion Mall, the best mall in Gorakhpur, takes pride in being known as a well-liked shopping destination with over 2.5 million visitors per month. We are a catalyst that resembles and continues to add a high fashion quotient to the city of Gorakhpur. Strategically located, Orion Mall is the ideal place for you to shop if fashion is what you’re after. As soon as you walk through its doors, you will be surrounded by all of your favorite companies, eateries, and entertainment venues, which will fill your senses with joy. We stand out from the competition thanks to our diverse line-up of high-end national and international brands.

To gain an amazing experience, visit Orion Mall in Gorakhpur.