Do you want something hot and spicy? Or are you craving some delectable Chinese cuisine? You’re covered by us! The food court at Orion Mall offers a variety of scrumptious and hygienic dining alternatives, from mouth-watering Indian cuisine to a large selection of delectable beverages! It is one of the most popular locations in Gorakhpur to satiate both your appetite and your stomach. Come and enjoy the various eating options at this incredible food junction at Orion Mall in Gorakhpur.

Let us dive into and find the food options at the food court at Orion Mall in Gorakhpur.

South Indian and Street Food: If you enjoy spicy Indian flavours, you will undoubtedly be drawn to the Restaurants in Orion Mall such as Dosa Plaza, Bikaner’s Kitchen, and Chat ka Chaska by their variety and flavour. Here, we have a fantastic fusion of Indian cuisine.

The largest Indian food franchiser, Chat ka Chaska, offers wholesome, hygienic flavours of fresh, regional street cuisine. Here, you can enjoy the delectable Jalebi with Rabadi, Bhel, Raj Kachori, and Panipuri. Contrarily, the Dosa Plaza offers the widest variety of dosas and other South Indian cuisines and at the Bikaner’s Kitchen, you can have a regular Indian lunch, desserts, and other cuisines.

Fast Food: Famous fast food restaurants like Burger King, Domino’s, Subway and KFC can be found at Orion Mall in Gorakhpur. The greatest burgers, pizza, crispy & juicy chicken, and a variety of other snacks and sweets are all available here. Murky Momos, which specializes in modern Chinese and Continental Fusion Cuisine, is also here to give your taste buds a unique taste.  

Chinese food: The well-known Ni Hao Chinese restaurant combines the greatest and most well-known dishes from Jiangsu, Shandong, and Cantonese cuisines. Along with traditional Chinese fare, the renowned restaurant at Orion Mall also serves roasted Lump Chops, Chinese dumplings, chicken Caesar Salad, and other dishes.

North Indian and Mughlai cuisine: The renowned Moti Mahal Delux, and Naushijaan Lazzat -E – Lucknow are here to provide you with the delectable flavour and aroma of Mughlai food. The softest and tastiest kebabs, biryani, parathas, and other non-vegetarian dishes are offered to you. Here, your cravings for Mughlai and North Indian delicacies will be satisfied in the best way. On the other hand, the well-known BBQ Company offers a fine family-style dining option and a wide range of veg and non-veg authentic recipes. 

Drinks and Beverages: You may get the taste and flavour of both hot and cold beverages and drinks at the Restaurants in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur. You can choose from a range of beverages at The Devil Drinks and The London Shakes, including Kadak Chai, Chilled Lassi, Coffee, Juices, and Shakes that will brighten your day.

Desserts: The food court at Orion Mall in Gorakhpur offers the most delicious and mouth-watering desserts. Here you can enjoy the frozen dessert at the world-famous Turquoise Turkish Ice Cream, which presents you with hand-made ice-creams, natural in taste and sticky in texture. 

So, at this food junction, you get what you crave. Here, you experience varied tastes and flavours. 

In addition to serving you the best food, the Restaurants at Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, also offer the best services. We never skimp on cleanliness and hygienic standards and give you access to the greatest and healthiest resources and surroundings. We don’t give you a chance to think twice about trying and savouring our meals and beverages.


Thus, at Orion Mall in Gorakhpur, you get high-quality and delectable treats all at one junction. Come and pamper your taste buds at the most affordable prices at our food court with your loved ones.