Shopping malls are the heart and soul of every city. It is an inherent foundation of retail economies and certainly a social sanctuary for teenagers everywhere. Orion mall is a space where people can explore and witness a full pack of entertainment and amusement rather than just shopping. So, if you’re one of those who is certainly “not a shopaholic” we have a horde of facilities onboard just for your entertainment. So hop on! Because Orion mall proves to be the best mall in Gorakhpur to hang out with friends, eat, shop, and much more.

The event & entertainment list at Orion mall goes on and on. The ladies can look at makeup, perfume, or clothing. The gentleman can look at some electronics, sports equipment, and so on. But apart from all of this, we can provide you an opportunity to spend a leisure time with friends & family and offer unlimited entertainment that is certainly inevitable.
Expect all your needs & desires to be fulfilled in one building, at one place-The Orion mall.

Escape into the World of Cinemas! With Inox Multiplexes.
Historically, cinemas have acted as both sources of entertainment for film enthusiasts and places to see stories and visuals from the “real world,” including in small towns. Music and entertainment viewing outside the household distinctly varies from what is possible at home. Cinemas deliver displays of well over 100 sq m, 3-dimensional sound, and premium technology for projection. INOX runs 641 screens in 151 multiplexes across 69 cities in India as one of India’s largest multiplex chains. The company began its journey in 2002 from the first multiplex in Bund Gardens Pune, the entertainment venture of the renowned INOX Group, and now annually entertains 70 million guests around the world. In the process, INOX has set the bar high in the cinema exhibition industry for ‘Luxury’,’ Service’, and ‘Technology’. INOX has pioneered numerous “firsts” in the industry, thriving on creativity.

A whole planet of entertainment for those little ones!
It is very difficult for children in a city like ours to have a room devoted exclusively to them. Though in the city there are a variety of parks, none that kids can let go and enjoy to the content of their cores. Age is no bar here, with tonnes of fun activities such as playing areas for all. This playpen is cheerful, enjoyable games geared to cater more to children, and also has a playground for the little ones to run around. Fun Unlimited is a much-needed escape from the gadget-dependent culture of today, with fun for the entire family.

Walk-in for a Food Safari.
With quick-service and grab-and-go styles, our food court presents a variety of choices and flavours. With a selection of Multiple cuisines to select from, a variety of offerings are presented to an avid foodaholic. Be those crunchy chicken wings from KFC or the tasty chicken burger from Burger King, Orion Mall is a paradise for all you Junkies! The Kathi Nation serves authentic Kathi Rolls 7 Kebabs. Enjoy a yummy Chat at Chaat Ka Chaska followed by cooling shakes from London Shakes. For all pizza lovers, Dominos is the place to head! Moti Mahal serving exquisite & authentic Indian dishes will never any food enthusiast disappointed. Also if you are craving Chinese food, head towards NI Hao for the best Chinese delicacies.

So, whether it’s a bite amidst your shopping or a sumptuous meal with your loved ones, Orion Mall is a perfect choice.

Moments of fun are really not far away. You can catch the latest movie on one of the screens only at INOX in Gorakhpur. And at Fun Unlimited, children can enjoy the excitement of gaming. Quite frequently, entertaining events at the mall are planned that keep the degree of interaction and entertainment quotient up. Orion Mall provides anything, everything, and more. If you’re looking for a place for everyone to be entertained come visit your favorite shopping mall today!