A perfectly fitting attire makes you feel confident, bold, and classy.

But unfortunately, often we fail to find an outfit that gives us the desired look. It is a frustrating experience when you pick a perfect dress off the rack, try it, and find that it is not made for you.

Don’t worry! It happens to most of us. Look for other dresses that are tailored especially for your body type and that give you a perfect look. But how would you find them?

Orion Mall, the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur, has a number of brands that give you a multitude of options to attire yourself perfectly for various occasions. Here, our fashion experts also offer you tips on the latest fashion trends. In this blog, let’s know the trick of selecting a “perfect dress”.

According to the fashion experts at the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur, it is essential to know the shape and size of our bodies to find the perfect fit.

  • Know your shape

Stand in front of a large mirror and analyse your body type. Understand the shape that best defines your body. Look for whether you are curvy with a defined waist (apple shape) or you have a straight build-up (rectangular shape) or your hips are broader than your shoulders (pear-shaped) or you have a balanced stature (hourglass). Understanding this would help you to learn how to dress according to your body shape.

The fashion expert at the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur recommends a few tips on what to choose for different body shapes.

  • Fabric: Always choose fabrics according to your body type. It helps to draw or divert attention from certain body parts. The cotton fabric helps to give a bulkier look to the upper body of a pear-shaped figure. Try spandex and leather for hourglass curves. While satin and silk skim go perfect for a rectangular body, shiny and clingy fabrics are best for apple-shaped bodies.
  • Patterns and prints: Besides choosing the right fabric, patterns and prints also either give you the desired look or ruin your look. Choose bold prints for the upper half of pear-shaped bodies, prints and patterns in subdued colours for apple-shaped figures, and bright coloured prints for rectangular-shaped bodies.


  • Know your size

Another important suggestion from the fashion experts from the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur is that when you for shopping, it is quite imperative that you are aware of your body size. If you don’t know, take a tape and measure yourself or can even take someone’s help.

Women, measure your height, shoulders, bust size, waist, and hips.

Men, measure your height, chest, neck, inseam, waist, and hips.

And what’s most important is that you be honest in your measurement. Inaccurate measurements won’t work. Therefore never suck in your belly, etc. while measuring yourself.

If you are aware of your body size, it becomes easy for you to choose the correct sized dress. The fashion expert at the best mall in Gorakhpur suggests that you follow the size guide of the specific brand. While buying something, check whether all the parameters mentioned, match your body size.

Each brand follows its own size. Hence, they differ in size. Make sure that you have bought the right fit.

  • Follow a smart strategy

Whenever you choose a dress check whether it fits perfect at your biggest part. Usually, women are wider at their hips, and men have wider shoulders. Brands tailor their collection keeping this in mind. Most brands in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, follow the same pattern, hence, pick attires that perfectly fit those parts else you may end up buying an ill-fitting dress.

  • Ask for suggestions

It is never a bad idea to take help from others. An outside perspective helps. Your friends can judge you better so, never refrain from taking their suggestions.


Thus, when you go shopping the next time, keep these simple tips in mind. Be sure you will get a perfect dress for yourself.

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