As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our country is currently undergoing a public health emergency. We have a responsibility to care for you, and your safety is our top priority. We’ve taken every precaution and measure imaginable to make you feel safe and secure inside Orion Mall Gorakhpur. We implemented effective safety measures as part of our ongoing response to COVID-19, whether it was through the efficient use of technologies or stringent restrictions. Here are a few of the key metrics that Orion Mall Gorakhpur strictly adheres to:

What safeguards have been put in place?

We check Body Temperature for every visitor
Anyone entering Orion Mall Gorakhpur should is subjected to a temperature check. As a result, any unhealthy individual within can be simply avoided.

Use of a mask is required.
Everyone is required to wear a mask. This adheres to the safety protocol declared by the government. Please bring your mask with you when you come to see us.

Sanitization of the hands
At various spots around the Orion Mall Gorakhpur, we have hand sanitization stations. We encourage everyone to utilize them regularly. To sterilize your hands, you can also use soap and water in the restroom.

Distancing from others
We have posters emphasizing the necessity of social separation as a reminder. We’ve also limited the number of people who can enter each store.

Use of gloves
We have advised our employees as well as our partners to wear gloves to ensure their safety. The sanitary cleaning personnel provides hygienic cleaning. Correct usage among our employees is critical, and we are putting it into practice. If possible to you, you should also wear gloves during your visit.

Sanitation of Orion Mall Gorakhpur’s common areas regularly
To ensure your safety, we sanitize the mall common spaces regularly. Customers’ touchpoints should be disinfected regularly. We kept the number of touchpoints to a bare minimum. We do, however, sanitize these touchpoints after every use.

Air conditioning system disinfection should be done regularly.
When it comes to air quality, we cleanse the air conditioning system regularly.

Food ordering and payment options are available without the use of a phone.

Our food ordering mechanism does not require any touch. You’ll be the only one who touches your meal with your bare hands. We also urge customers to use contactless payment methods. A plexiglass screen was installed at the checkout and payment terminals.
We have constructed a plexiglass screen where we can aid you in retaining the social distance between you and our workers to avoid any possible physical touch.

In the food court, there is an alternate seating system.
We assure social separation in every aspect, whether you’re eating or roaming around the Orion Mall Gorakhpur. You can maintain your social distance by using a different seating system.


Please stick to the specified instructions when visiting.

We ask that once you’re inside, you collaborate with us. We’ve identified the paths that will take you to your target shop; make sure to stick to them.

You might have to wait in line.
Our guidelines have a rigorous limit on the number of guests allowed within each store for your protection. You may find yourself in a line as a result of this. Keep in mind that this is all for your safety.


We recognize the gravity of the situation, therefore we’ve gone above and beyond the government’s recommendations to make Orion Mall Gorakhpur the safest retail centre in the country. All we ask is that you do your part, and your participation is all we require.