Orion Mall, the Best mall in Gorakhpur offers varieties under one roof. Be it brands – indigenous or foreign, entertainment or food, it’s a perfect hangout spot for people of all ages. Food Court at Orion Mall, Gorakhpur is one of the favourite places in Gorakhpur to satisfy your hunger as well as your palate. It offers you a wide range of delicious and hygienic dining options ranging from Indian delicacies to Chinese and Western exotics. So, let’s have a look at what the Restaurants in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur offer us.

What are the options at the Food Court, Orion Mall Gorakhpur?

Indigenous Indian Food: If you’re the kind of person who loves spicy Indian flavours, the Dosa Plaza, Bikaner’s Kitchen, and the Chat ka Chaska at our best mall in Gorakhpur are definitely going to attract you with their varieties and flavour. Here, we have an amazing blend of Indian foods. 

Chat ka Chaska, the leading Indian food franchiser, brings healthy and hygienic flavours of fresh and local street foods. The mouth-watering Jalebi with Rabadi, Bhel, Raj Kachori, Panipuri is all for you. On the other hand, the Dosa Plaza is best for varied dosas and other South Indian food. All you lovers of dosas and idlis, come and taste the best at our Orion Mall. The Bikaner’s Kitchen is there to satisfy you with a regular Indian meal, sweets, and other foodstuffs. 

Fast Food: We have world-famous fast-food chains such as Burger King in Orion Mall, Dominos, and KFC in Gorakhpur. Here, you can enjoy the best burgers, pizza, crispy & juicy chicken, and a host of other snacks and desserts.  

Chinese Food: The famous Ni Hao Chinese restaurant incorporates the best and the most influential cuisines such as Shandong, Cantonese, Jiangsu Sichuan cuisines. The famous Restaurant in Orion Mall offers regular Chinese food along with roasted Lump Chops, Chinese Dumplings, Chicken Caesar Salad, etc.

Mughlai Cuisine: The famous Naushijaan Lazzat –E – Lucknow, is here to give you the rich taste and aroma of Mughlai cuisine. You are served with the most delicious and soft kebabs, biryani, parathas, and other non-veg recipes. Your appetite for chicken and mutton is best satiated here.      

Drinks and Beverages: At Orion Mall, the Best mall in Gorakhpur also gives you the taste and flavour of hot and cold beverages and drinks. The Devil Drinks and The London Shakes offer you a variety of drinks such as Kadak Chai, Chilled Lassi, Coffee, Juices, and Shakes that refresh your mood.

So, you have a Tsunami of tastes and flavours at the Restaurants in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur. Whatever you wish to eat, our food court is there to serve you. At our best food court, we don’t only serve you the food, but also take care of the services we provide you.

Here, we never compromise with hygiene and cleanliness and provide you with the best and the most healthy stuff and environment. We don’t give you chance to hesitate in tasting and enjoying our foods and drinks.

The Restaurant in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur offers you the best and quick services. Here, you can place your orders in no time and get the prepared stuff without waiting for long. It’s the best place where you can pamper your taste buds at the most affordable prices.


Thus, Orion Mall located in the heart of the vibrant city of Gorakhpur has the best food court that offers you premium quality and tasty goodies all at one stop. Come and enjoy yourself at our food court with your family and friends.