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About The London Shakes

The London shakes are the re-inventors of one of the most popular drink in the world the Milk Shakes. The milkshakes origins can be traced back to the late 19th century. The milk which is the most healthy drink on earth can now be enjoyed with the fun of flavours. It is believed that the combination of Milk, Rich cream, and fruit syrup or extract originated in London and now is popular all over the world. Milk has been the most popular drink in India, a rich history is linked with the milk & its products. There was a time when the milk rich India had to face the scarcity of it. This lead to the start of operation flood initiated in 1970 & now India is the worlds largest milk producer. The recent studies revealed that people are moving away from the habit of drinking milk & diverting towards consuming unhealthy options. We at ‘The London Shakes’ want to spread the legacy of milk in a better way yet maintaining its rich values. The young generation & especially the children are getting away from drinking milk. Drinking milk is now so much fun with the addition of flavours & Love.


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