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About TURQUOISE Turkish Ice Cream

Orion Mall, the best mall in Gorakhpur, brings the world-famous Turquoise Turkish Ice Cream. Here, we continue the age-old motto of Turquoise Turkish Ice Cream makers of making you happy by offering you the most delicious ice cream flavours and the fun that you enjoy.
The mouth-watering ice cream, which originated 400 years ago in Turkey and is made from Salep, milk, sugar, and added flavours, is now enjoyed by the whole world, including India. Thanks to our Turquoise Ice Cream master and showman Sahin Ozturk, who continues the tradition of his forefathers and strives to take the ice cream venture to the next level.
Turquoise is the first Turkish company that introduced the hand-made Turkish Ice Cream in India. It is spreading its ice cream business all over India by partnering with Indian people and giving them Franchises. Orion Mall, the best mall in Gorakhpur, is one of the first in the city to open a branch of this popular Turkish Ice Cream.
The hand-made Turkish ice cream from the city of Karambaras is unique. Its natural taste and stretchiness make it different from others. At Orion Mall, the best mall in Gorakhpur, we are proud to introduce Turkish ice cream with a sticky texture that defines its authenticity. We offer flavours that are directly imported from Turkey so that you can enjoy their real taste. Here, we serve more than 20 flavours satisfying different palates. And above all, we serve you in the same artful manner that brings smiles to your faces.
To enjoy the real flavours of Turkish Ice Cream and all the fun, visit Orion Mall.