MINISO – The Japanese-inspired lifestyle product retailer is fast becoming the talk of the town. It offers high quality, a wide range of household products, cosmetics, and a lot many at a relatively low cost. The products are popular for being elegant, stylish, fashionable, and classy. The residents of Gorakhpur must feel proud and lucky as Orion Mall, the Best shopping mall in Gorakhpur brings this international brand to your doorstep.

MINISO, the world-famous brand at our mall is offering products that blend cost, quality, and sustainability to meet the demands of customers from diverse backgrounds. MINISO develops products and works on three principles:

  •       High-quality products at an affordable rate
  •       The joy customers experience at the stores
  •       The large variety of goods gives a light-hearted experience to the customers.

Thus, following these principles, MINISO at Orion Mall, the Best mall in Gorakhpur has a number of products that are designed for value and quality-conscious consumers worldwide. Let’s see what’s there in our basket.

Stylish Bags: At MINISO in Orion Mall, we have bags ranging from pouches to shoulder bags to backpacks to handbags and the list goes on. The mall thus gives you multiple options to choose from. MINISO offers you a lot more than what you would generally expect. The bags are a fine blend of style and impressiveness. They are made up of high-quality material with fine stitching lines. Here, you can get whatever color or design, you look for together with class and trend.

Neck Pillows: MINISO brings lightweight and easy-to-carry neck pillows. These pillows give you a peaceful sleep while travelling in planes, cars, trains, buses, etc. MINISO neck pillows are a combination of softness and firmness. They are designed to perfectly fit your body curves and provide optimal support to the neck and shoulder. At our Best shopping mall in Gorakhpur, you can get these comfortable neck pillows at an affordable price.  

Perfumes: Perfumes from MINISO is its speciality. At Orion Mall, the Best mall in Gorakhpur, MINISO has a wide range of perfumes and body spray for both men and women. These bring out the subtle freshness that lasts for the whole day. They come in stylish bottles with varied fragrances. You can freshen up yourself with their fragrance or can gift them to your family members or friends on any occasion.

Yoga mat: If you’re someone who loves yoga, the MINISO store at Orion Mall, the Biggest mall in Gorakhpur brings you light and thick yoga mats made from durable materials and available in varied classic colors. These sticky non-slippery mats provide superior grip for all types of yoga. Easy-to-clean and easy-to-carry yoga mats are just for you at a most convenient price.

Earphones: Today we cannot think of life without a smartphone or any mobile gadget so is the need for good quality, durable yet stylish earphones. MINISO, a leader in the global retail brand has in store a wide variety of comfortable-to-wear and user-friendly earphones. The famous Bear Bear Family Design offers you earphones in multiple colors.

Sunglasses: A pair of sunglasses used to avoid glaring sunlight is also a style statement. You cannot afford to ignore it for your outings. Our MINISO store at Orion Mall, the Best shopping mall in Gorakhpur offers elegantly designed, high-quality pair of sunglasses for both men and women.

Soft Toys: MINISO, the most popular retail brand presents soft stuffed toys. These toys made from premium skin-friendly soft plush are perfect to snug or cuddle with. They come in attractive designs, colors, and shapes to adorn your bedroom, living room, or any place you like. These adorable toys are cute and warm and are lovely gifts for kids, couples, or friends.


MINISO, the best retail store has not only this in-store, but it also has several other products that are of the finest quality, design, and the best price. Orion Mall, the Best shopping mall in Gorakhpur has the benefit to showcase the international brand and national brands and helping you to get all that you wish for.