You don’t go to Orion Mall and leave without finding what you’re looking for. Orion Mall, which has earned a reputation for providing the city’s most comprehensive shopping experience, is a secure refuge for customers with a wide range of shopping lists and criteria.

From top-tier fashion names to a plethora of homegrown labels, the mall’s retail section is more than capable of putting a smile on every shopper’s face as they prepare to return to work! Shoppers can choose from a variety of workwear options that will help them attain the perfect office image.

All of this and more will be explored in the post, so buckle up and stay put because we’re about to reveal a lot of huge secrets about why you should certainly shop for your working clothing at the Orion Mall.

  • Van Heusen, at Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, is a unique store that caters to all elements of an individual’s clothing demands, be it corporate wear, casual wear, party wear, or ceremonial wear, making it a true lifestyle brand.
  • Peter England, located in the Orion Mall, is regarded for being the most trusted and dependable clothes store, bringing the latest current trends within reach. The company has made significant success with its evocative work-wear offering after creating a name for itself in the comfortable casual area. The Aditya Birla Group bought the company in 2000, and it swiftly became India’s leading menswear brand. Peter England offers cloth that caters to every fashion occasion of a young professional’s life, keeping up with the times.
  • Fashion plays an important role in a boy’s development into a man. Allen Solly in Orion Mall, Gorakhpur, is transformed the way urban Indians dressed for work in 1993. With its Friday Dressing, Allen Solly set the trend for the changing workplace by infusing bold colors and breaking the mold of traditional work clothing.
  • In India, Louis Philippe is one of the most well-known luxury retailer names for men’s clothing. The Aditya Birla Group was founded in 1989. Louis Philippe currently exemplifies the classic gentleman’s elegance, thanks to a 25-year legacy. When it comes to fashion, this quest for perfection manifests itself in meticulous craftsmanship. Louis Philippe also has a fantastic selection of workplace apparel. Young professionals who have recently started a career will especially appreciate their latest assortment of dresses, blazers, and trousers, as well as the reasonable costs.
  • MAX at Orion Mall, The Best Shopping Mall in Gorakhpur offers the latest fashion trends at a low price, making them accessible to a wide range of people. It also has its label items of in-house designs and seasonally planned color palettes. Max India has a large selection of designer clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, apparel, footwear, and accessories. The Max shop in Orion Mall offers a wide choice of fashions that can’t be missed at reasonable costs.

Apart from this, there are labels such as Mufti, Easy Buy, Parx, and Replay for men’s wear, which provide everything from business suits to the most up-to-date ‘work’ collections.


Even while we love it when our tourists explore the Orion Mall, the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur, on their own, we would be happy to assist you in your future shopping endeavors. As a result, Orion Mall, the best Shopping Mall in Gorakhpur provides advance notice to all of our great readers who are going to visit in the future weeks.

Orion Mall, the best shopping mall in Gorakhpur has a lot planned for all of your big occasions, and it would be ideal if you could just show up in the right spot at the right time!